The historical radio station Radio Veronica 97,8 with its long radio history is today a modern greek radio station operating in today's standards.

Every time in Greece, is the best for feeling and to enjoy, Greek and Foreign people, the beauties of our country. Leaving every day the beauties of this place, we change our disposition and our program becomes happier so as to express us more and to harmonize with the happiness. We decided, for this season, to accompany you with greek melodies which broadcast optimistic and happy messages which gives you (and us) more beauty performance and feelings , which we keep in everyday life hidden in our self waiting for the suitable time to express them.
Let's become from now on a big companionship and let's live unforgettable and unique moments.
Let's meet with unforgettable and loved songs these sunny days and the beautiful summer nights along with fresh melodies and rhythm which have the force to travel us.

Our groove will be a happy, with melody and rhythm, easy-going pleasurable and hopeful on and every time we will add something to the greek culture, with elements which will make us happy, with principle the respect to you.

With these thoughts we form our everyday program and we reach out our hand so as to move together. Come now to become a big company which loves the Greek Radio.

Come to Radio Veronica 97,8
Enjoy your listening.